Sunday's Best: Again

Thursday, January 21, 2016
Hi everyone, hope you're doing good?

We're back again with Sunday's best I know right it's been a while, for obvious reasons though. Well we've gathered some cool pictures of the outfits we could get this past Sunday. For some reason we weren't able to get as many people as we expected but that's fine we're working to make sure it's better next time. We're excited particularly for this new semester in which there would be a lot more events to cover and way more activities in general.

Also, We are looking into making this years Sunday's Best and all out other posts different and a lot better. We're already coming up with several ideas, themes and so much more to make it even more interesting for everyone. But we'll love to hear what you think could make that happen and how it would be convenient for everyone through your comments or just send us a message we'll love to hear from you. 

Finally, well like to appreciate everyone that contributed in anyway to this post. Enjoy!


  1. Nice ... But why was that girl smiling like a crab

  2. Na wa o... Una never post my picture before shoo haba .... Its very annoying