In Focus: Adidas Sneakers

Friday, January 15, 2016
One of the most recognizable brand in the world had a very active and successful year in 2015 as expected. From snagging several sports men like Theo Walcott , James Harden amongst others to Collaborating with several International Artists who designed or were on campaigns for them like Kanye West, Pusha T, Rita Ora,  Pharrell Williams to working with Franchises like Star Wars and many more.
As an aspiring Sneaker Connoisseur that I am, I'll be looking some of my best sneakers by Adidas especially the ones that were prominent in 2015.


The adidas "Originals" as they are also recognized as were actually created to serve as basketball shoes. They were a huge hit last year, though they were originally created in the late 60's. They have been recreated over the years, with different materials, into customs and has had so many different looks but has maintained its signature appearance. 
Suede Special Edition Superstar City Pack

Adidas Superstar Custom Colors 

Most Recently, they collaborated with Pharrell Williams to create the "Super Colors" in which the sneakers are monochrome in about 50 colors. They've evolved to become a very stylish pair of sneakers.
Pharrell Williams with The Adidas Originals Super Color

Stan Smith

These were the first leather tennis shoes, adidas collaborated with two tennis players Robert Haillet and Stan Smith to make the shoes around the 60's. The shoes helped them break into the American market and was listed in the Guinness Book of Records in 1994 for its sales. 

Custom Snake Skin Stan Smith

At a point they stopped production, then in 2014 they relaunched the sneakers and they have been buzzing since then. Though they initially came in few color options there is a wide option of colors to select from. 
 Also, early in 2015 adidas released the Raf Simons version of the sneakers which they worked with Dior creative director Raf Simons. The sneakers are very simple and are relatively light weighted. 
Stan Smith Raf Simons Edition 

ZX Flux 

The running shoes which were originally released in 2013 and have continued to gain ground and popularity since then. 
At a point they then decided to create several pairs with bright colors and used Xeno technology on them, that ended up a big hit as they sold numerous pairs. 

The sneakers also come in a wide variation of colors, styles and customs. It's truly the type of sneakers that embody that leisure filled/casual lifestyle.

Yeezy Boosts

The Yeezy Boost 350

Adidas announced their collaboration with Kanye West in 2013, after parting ways with Nike because of disagreements they had. Its first release was in February 2015 which was of the 350's which sold out shortly after it's release. Subsequently the 750's were released. 
The Yeezy Boost 750
The shoes became a huge success as It was Named the sneakers of the year by the FNAA. It's made with a nice suede upper and rubber soles. 
Kanye West addressing the audience after receiving the Shoe Of The Year Award

The shoes were received positively generally and Kanye West received a lot of support by several individuals including artists, celebrities even the president of the US received a pair. It's really something that put smiles on Mr West's face.
Kanye West Delivering the Sneakers to Barrack Obama

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