Harmattan Collection 2015

Saturday, January 2, 2016
Happy New Year all! If like me, you spend a couple of minutes on bed after you wake up this season (even on New Year's day), don't feel so bad about yourself, I know I don't. The cold is just unbearable
those early hours (shout out to my Jos brothers). Parched lips, dry hands and white faces are fashion items of this season that is totally free for all. The weather is dry, with absence of clouds and green leaves give way for their brown cousins. So how about we play dress-up with sweaters. We are going to try to see different ways to make your sweaters look cool.

Sloppy sweaters being the trend that classed up 2015, this means no more throwing sweaters away (*wink*), you will see a lot of them this year too. They are casual and relaxing (previously only worn at home) so very good for a sit-out or unpretentious gathering. But am more excited about how permissible the society has become of these sloppy things. Now you can actually dress it up with a ripped-denim and loafer and get your admirers drooling. It pays to be comfortable in what you are wearing and in this cold, sloppy sweaters do the trick.


Stop being cold feet, wear a 'Timbs'. That's my Timberland advert line incase anyone asked. We live in a world where denims and hoodies can be worn with boots and a beanie. I like the rugged look, warm body and angry face. The picture speaks for itself really.  





The good part about harmattan is how confusing the weather can be. Its freezing in the morning, scorching by early noon and windy in the evening. So shorts come in very handy: with a light sweat shirt and casual sneakers or loafers (again). Don't forget to accessorize this look, it looks better with a hat and rings. It's an easy 'noon-look' for the fashionable male of the 21st century (just kidding, or am I?). 

For beaded men, at all times wear a cap, get a girl, own a scarf, but don't forget to smile. Those buttoned, round neck sweat shirts are still very much in fashion (sloppy; *tongue*). I like how edgy they can be at all times, and if you drop a button or two I bet you the next girl you see is yours. Wear it with denim or chinos but make sure it's ripped somewhere, and get one of those O&A neck or wrist beads to give you 'the look', Yes, that look that makes people look at you twice every time.


 I called it first, the scarf! Emphasis on that sweat shirt by Faded Glory. I know right, it's such a cool piece. So, this season, you usually find those wardrobe pieces you totally forgot you had (cold inspiration). The jacket and boot really classed up the look. Wear it to hide your inner crazy and some glasses to even look geeky.

He just wanted to show the rings, nothing personal. I love it when you can deliberately look simple and expensive. Just the right pieces to give the right impression. Depending on how comfortable you are, you can even dance. Caps have a way of making your sweaters look comfortable, so don't shy from it either. Get a good watch and other accessories to be dapper, if you may. 



Am slowly beginning to like bucket hats. It used to feel like there is nothing to wear it with, but am seeing it as a style piece that it really is. It's useful for sunny days like the ones we have this season. These cool and dark pictures make the irony pronounced. Spot those Stan Smith by Adidas, I finally got it! Tell me in the comment section if you like the look.

Yellow  by Coldplay comes to mind. Even hoodies become useful this season. Sweat pants and sneakers are good with a hoodie (traditional) but I can never limit what you can wear it (hoodie I mean) with. The colour of the hoodie is as important as the hoodie itself. Sneakers have fully transcended and are very versatile too.

A hoodie, short, brogues and a hat. This look came out better than anticipated (styling geniuses at work). It's a testimony of good accessorizing and being able to merge different looks into one meta and dark look. I like a solid form-style that can transcend the different times of the day; morning afternoon, evening. Pictures speak louder...  


 Walks out of thread...

WARNING: These pictures can cause a sweating sensation if viewed in summer. 

Models: DrOXy, MmEk, aNdRei, FonZie
Stylist: Johnny
Photography by Ordinary and Art
Logistics: DrOXy