Feature Sessions: Grace Alex

Monday, January 18, 2016
Hi Guys! hope you all had a wonderful weekend because I did :) This would be our first feature session for 2016 and this is one of many to come involving some amazing individuals #Anticipate


In this edition of feature session we have a fellow blogger and entrepreneur  Grace Alex, I must say that she is like the coolest person you would ever meet and yes she is a foodie:)). You can check her at Gafashion.blogspot.com

Introduce Yourself
I'm Grace Alex, A blogger, lecturer at Bingham University, Journalist at ThisDay Newspaper and an entrepreneur, I love to be by myself and yes I'm Laiskinned :)

What inspired you to open your blog?
At one point in my life I was in a terrible place so in 2010, I wanted to do something worthy. I decided to open the blog but I didn't really know what I was going into then.

How would you describe your style?
My style is everything and me. I'm a very vintage person but i try to blend in with the normal culture so that I wouldn't look weird because this environment doesn't really understand creativity.

Why did you start making sandals?
It just happened. I like the simplicity of using what we have around us to create something nice,  I make clothes too but mostly sandals. I just wanted something people could relate too with our environment because it is sunny around here and all.

I love your consistency, what motivates you?
The fact is when people visit the blog and come back they would want to see something new, so I never want to disappoint them. I feel that when they come back to no new post, they wouldn't want to visit the blog again.

I would say time and internet services. You need to have good internet service or else it would be difficult. If you want to cope, you need to have some people you can count on to help you. I have someone I can count on for internet service, I also have someone I can count on for pictures. For the sandals, I'm the only one managing it so I'm mostly busy and there might be mix-ups here and there. I plan to employ my sister when she finishes school and two others that could help out in  making the footwear.

Future Plans?
Yeah of course. I'm shy at approaching brands but I plan on helping big Nigerian brands. Not just with sandals, but clothes as well because I trust what I do. I know it would help the brand positively since there's not so much exposure on brands. For sandals not now, but if I continue along the line, I definitely will.

I must say that your sandals are affordable, why it that?
Okay so what I do is that I don't try to make a lot of gain over one pair but intend to make little gain on many pairs so it reaches more people and increases my audience.

Who do you look up to?
I feel a lot of Lagos bloggers do a marvelous job. I would say Noble Igwe.

Let me close with what we ate at KunFu chinese restaurant Delicious!