Sunday Best: Christmas Special

Monday, December 26, 2016

For this Christmas, we took photography to church. Our aim was to showcase the Christmas fashion style that is so ingrained in our culture. You may think "Christmas Clothes" is childish,

In Focus: Turbans

Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Hi everyone! How's it going?
We collaborated with Hall Of Hats recently to showcase some of their head gear, Turbans to be precise.
It's usually used in traditional or religious setting, but of recent it has become a more fashionable accessories. In this shoot we've attempted to incorporate it in current vogue to give it an urban twist.
Here are some words from the designer:

 Adiagha turbans are pre-sewn and ready- to- wear made for women, just pull in your head neatly; no tying needed.
These turbans are elegantly designed,  with beautiful accessories and flexible bows or roses. It's a light weight and strechy to fit the head size it's made for, it comes in sizes.

Great for evening - wear or special events, could even be worn over a casual outfit of jeans and an off shoulder blouse. A subtle and very unique piece, worn as a full head covering; tuck your hair in or leave it out.

Designed by
Glory Uwah 

Material - Satin 
Care - Hand wash


Feature Sessions: Brownie

Wednesday, November 23, 2016
Hi everyone,  Hope you've been having a great week so far?
Mine has been great, but I'm glad I finally got around to putting this post together, been in the works for quite sometime.
It was one of the last shoots i did in abuja, yeah i am currently in Lagos :(.


We have another edition of Feature Sessions and in this edition 
we have someone who I personally have longed to work with;

In Focus: Capes

Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Hi Everyone, How's It going?
For a while now I've noticed this cape trend and how it comes in so many variations. 
From luxurious to minimal, blouses to jackets, the whole cape vogue has proven to be really 
trendy, versatile and easily loveable.
I was home last weekend and I met up with my good friend Morenike,
( You can check out what we've done previously here and here).
Any way she was wearing a cape made from ankara material which I absolutely loved.
 She decided to pair it with a black dress and gladiator sandals.
It was really simple and looked great, so we decided to do a shoot of it.

CAG Blogger's Forum

Sunday, October 30, 2016
Hi Everyone, How's It Going?
Yesterday I attended the Colours and Grey Bloggers Forum at The Mauve Lounge,
 Ring Road, Ibadan.
It was a really informative and enjoyable program, with nice food, positive energy and a lot was given away both knowledge and products. I was really glad to meet and listen to Alice of Colours and grey among other amazing individuals.
I actually decided during the program to do a post and began to take pictures, and I think the came out pretty well irrespective. 
Then I found out last minute about the whole ankara and denim theme, which was something I actually looked out for. You I wanted to see how people would pair it and I think most people who attempted it were spot on.

Sunday Best: Back To Basics

Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Hi everyone, how's it going?
I was at my school Covenant University last weekend to attend the Eagles Summit 
which is an annual gathering of the school's alumni for .
Sadly, I fell sick and missed most of the program. The next day which was sunday I was feeling better and decided to take some pictures after the service for old times sake. I can't lie I felt a little rusty but I still enjoyed myself. Sadly, I wasn't able to get through to or see my old partner Sipo but I was able to reconnect with a number of my other friends from school. I'll like to thank everyone who helped with the pictures, especially Temi and Simi.

In Focus: Palazzo Pants

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hi guys! I recently knew about this pants called palazzo and immediately fell in love with them. I came in contact OJD designs who makes these pants and we decided to do a collaboration. Palazzo pants are so easy to slip on, super comfortable, and the wide end of it spits “fashion drama” and fabulousity! Palazzo pants also cut across every style from androgynous to feminine to casual styles; it fits perfectly.

A Day Out With Lizzy

Sunday, October 9, 2016

'I differ from many because I love uniquely than many', a wise man once said. I don't just love people and things, I love the little moments more. I love the smiles, the craft, the tears and tear: the attention to details, the reason for a slap, the thick emotions oozing from a hug, the ecstacy in conversation, the evening chats after dinner, the...everything. I love the 'why' beneath


Saturday, October 1, 2016

Nigeria’s global positioning is a sad one. We depend on the international community for our very survival. Our children are unable to compete favorably with their international colleagues because our education philosophy is static, somewhat archaic and does not resonate with global trends. It is very interesting to see students from Nigeria pursue postgraduate degrees abroad and top their classes, so our current global positioning is not because we are dullards but because we have not been focused on the right things, we are mentally capable but we are not equipped.

Street Fashion Meet: VSCO Edition

Sunday, September 25, 2016

I have this new affinity for VSCO, so it was really necessary to do a VSCO edit of the Street Fashion Meet. Anyways, the real reason I'm doing this is because I didn't have an opportunity to do my credits. So here goes. This is not 'movie credits' but you don't have to sit through this either.

Street Fashion Meet: Runway View

Styled by Naya
This is the runway view of the models as they went into their dressing room (courtesy of Decozy Lounge). The RV Agency manager, Andrei did such a good work organizing the catwalk and photography here with Rachael taking the pictures.

Styled by Naya

Street Fashion Meet: Uyo

The just concluded Street Fashion Meet was the first of its kind in Nigeria and Uyo had the privilege to witness firsthand. This was a synergy of Photography, Fashion Houses, Designers and Models, and it was a free show. It was a social event with lots of fashion and meeting new people. We had it in mind to replicate a shoot scenario and make event out of it where people can interact both with the fashion and with each other. And we did it!!!

Get Baked!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hi Everyone, How's it going?
I'm so glad to finally be writing this. 
On saturday was Get Baked Ibadan, at Agodi Gardens Ibadan. 
It was actually the first bake sale event in the whole of Ibadan. 
We're glad to be official media partners and photographers of the event.
There was actually large turn out, I had so much fun at the event and future editions look so promising. 
There was a considerable amount of things to eat and drink including Croissants, Cupcakes, Cookies, Donuts, Chapman, Cocktails among other things. Also, there were a number of things to do, 
you know except purchasing baked goods. 
Finally, there were performances by a number of up and coming acts, games, karaoke 
and a number of other things. So here are pictures of how the event went down;

Off-Shoulder Season

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Food Bazaaaaar!

Friday, August 26, 2016
Hello Guys! How has it been? Recently I was at the Food Bazaar  partnered with AfricanAndSlaying to capture everyone that was slaying..and were African #Deep right? Lol, Anyways the food bazaar was pretty cool, a lot of abuja folks turned up for the event. 
The AfricanAndSlaying Instagram page was available for people to take pictures with and they would have 1million likes #TrueStory and they sure did. Also, AfricanAndSlaying is opening AfricanAndSlayingTV, we conducted interviews with people asking them funny questions so anticipate for the videos.Here are the pictures from the event.

For The Love Of Jackets II

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hi everyone, how's it going?
Remember when we  did the For The Love Of Jackets Post?
Well you should check it out if you haven't see it.
Anyway, it was sometime around the end of july when James saw Johnny's post and we absolutely loved it. Coincidentally, we walked by this location we both thought looked so cool, 
we had cameras with us and I was wearing a jacket. 
So for the Love Of Jackets we just had to shoot this.
The idea behind the outfit apparently was to pull off a very casual and somewhat athletic look.
It obviously wasn't premeditated, but I think we were able to work pretty well the aesthetic we had in mind.

Kimono by Bee Clothings

Friday, August 5, 2016

I think the Kimono craze is slowing down but that doesn't mean we love it any less. For all that this still 'new' style has to offer, it's still colourful and very affordable. This new collection by Christie Bee is really a combination of lovely prints and quality fabric not forgetting good sewing

The Fusion.

Fashion they say trends, style however is a signature. I say who you are is determined from a distance by who you look.

I am proud to be African and as a lover of fashion and art, forgive me for the being a huge fan of fashion statements that maintain our heritage. Without patronizing any designer in particular, a lot of Nigerian designers for examples have been creative with African fabrics such as George, aso-oke, Ankara, laces and sequins to name a few.  Gone is the era of a typical yoruba Engagement ceremony being strictly iro & buba for the bride.  The combination of lace blouses and creative aso-oke skirts that look like iro, and mind blowing unconventional head gears  is but trending and to those who keep it real, kudos. The graceful owambe west-African woman goes a mile further to have the convertible outfit – depending on the occasion.


Monday, August 1, 2016
Hey guys! Welcome to the new month of August, we have a lot in store for you guys this month so brace yourself!  This past weekend was CKM2016, a charity event organised by Checkmate and it was lit! There was a charity football match and there were a lot of food stands, I had a lot of friends that were selling so I had to patronize them meaning I ate a lot. As usual, people came out slaying for the event and you trust O&A to capture every moment there.
Feel free to comment about the post and the event, did you enjoy the event? was it boring? was it lit? Let us hear how you feel.

Diner En Blanc

Thursday, July 28, 2016
Recently, I was inspired by the people from the Black Tux an online Suit and Tuxedo rental company. Long story short, I decided to create a look for how i'll style myself and my date for a Diner en Blanc after seeing some of their really nice suits & tuxedos.
The Diner en Blanc is pretty much a Pop Up party similar to Diddy's Yearly White Party which is a event where people dress in their best formal white attires and enjoy a nice dinner.
I personally like formal wear styles, so I immediately went
 ahead to do some research to put together a male and female outfit. 

The male outfit favoured a more classic blend of items which consists of; 
A gold band classic black bow tie by The Indulgence
A Shawl lapel jacket
A pair of black pants 
Black Tassel Loafers by Glenn Judo

While the female  outfit is more urban as the items include; 
A white jacket with black lapels,
A Lace jumpsuit,
Black strappy Zara heels
and Black clutch with embellishments. 

What do you think and how would you have put together your own outfit?

NFB Yardsale

Monday, July 25, 2016

Hi everyone! Hope things are going good.
This past sunday I attended the Nigerian Fashion Bloggers Yard Sale
at the Ethnic Heritage Center,  Ikoyi, Lagos and it was really fun.
It was an opportunity to add a couple stylish items to your wardrobe while raising funds for the Iroto School of Catering in Illoti community, Ogun State.
Also, I was able to finally meet a couple of bloggers that I've been following for a while. 
Then I actually made a purchase at the auction (#teamdoitforthechildren).
I particularly liked how the items were advertised during the auction, 
it started off slow but picked up eventually. 
The items auctioned off were from several diverse brands which including
Jewels by Lisa, Tiffany Amber, Hermes, Zara, Gucci and many more.
I wish I was able to get more Items ( I slacked at this end) and pictures, but I didn't have enough backspace because the booths were a little tightly arranged (Prime Lens problems), but i'm sure it can only get better with time.
Irrespective I hope you enjoy some of the highlights of the event.

Feature Sessions: Cassie Daves

Friday, July 22, 2016


Hi everyone,  Hope you've been having a great week so far?
Mine has been mad stressful, but I'm glad I finally got around to putting this post together,
by the way I'm writing this at 2:55 in the morning.

Meny meets Akan

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I was waiting at one of my tailor's to conduct clandestine business when I found myself in a  conversation with this guy who was waiting too, thanks to Pablo. In the next couple of minutes I realized he was an artist, an actual artist who paints on canvas (knowing how much that word has been varied), with a studio and has produced works that could blow your mind. Akan.

Food Expo Summer 2016

Monday, July 18, 2016
Hey Everyone! How has it been? I was at the food expo this past sunday and it was live! I can frankly say that I saw everyone I knew in Abuja there. I guess Abuja folks has been looking for an event to go for and this food expo came at the right time. When I went for the food expo, I thought I would be attracted to the food right? Well i was more attracted to the ladies there..for obvious reasons :). All the ladies came with their A game to the expo, for me it was like a fashion parade. I went with my camera and I did not regret it, here are some of the beautiful outfits I was able to capture from the food expo. 


Monday, July 11, 2016
Hey have you been? The S.P.L.I.T program held this past thursday and it was an awesome program indeed. As the name implies Song Poetry Lifestyle Internet Talk, there were a lot of performances and presentation about this. I must commend the organizers because the program went on smoothy. I was the official photographer for the event..enjoyed every bit of it. Here is the picture story on how program went down.

                                  The 'I Was Here' poster..I wrote my full name and number :)

In Focus: Bodycon

Hi Everyone! How's it going?
I've been away in camp for a while, I got posted to Ibadan by the way #Oyokopa
 (Just in case anyone there is reading this and was to show me around and stuff, I don't mind).
Anyway I got home last week and decided I should do a Sunday Best post, but I opted for a Sunday style post instead when I saw my friend Morenike (who i've featured previously here
whose outfit I  really loved.
She wore a sleeveless turtleneck bodycon dress which she paired with dark glasses, a jacket
 and black strappy heels. I liked the whole monochrome vibe she had going on, the way the dress accentuated her body shape and her hair.
I think the way she wore it could pass as corporate wear or business casual with a little alterations .
What do you think about the outfit and how would you have styled it?

For The Love of Jackets

Friday, July 1, 2016

I have taken a particular liking to jackets; bomber, varsity, coats, etc, so imagine my excitement when 'the board' agreed that I can go to the market and find jackets for retail. I had been there before to window

Sunday Best: Thanksgiving Service

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Hi guys! how has it been? First, let me say congratulations to everyone that graduated this past weekend, the world awaits your greatness. I attended the thanksgiving service for the Prestige Set, and yeah I was able to get pictures of people that killed it! Big ups to the psychology ladies that came through for the pictures. I also want to appreciate partner Seun for his assistance. Here are the pictures..sit back and enjoy :)

Cap Story

For the lot of you cap addicts like me, or aspiring 'capful gentlemen', we get tired of going shop after shop both online and in-line malls and not finding a cap worthy of our dome. They are either too shallow for our large domes or too deep for our smaller

LOGiN Bloggers Network Contributes to Nigeria’s Development; Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Bloggers in Nigeria just like our entertainment sector have become large contributors to Nigeria’s success story. The gains of having internet savvy youths in Nigeria are enormous, and have led to employment and deployment of digital media, and blogging skills even for organisations.
The LOGiN Bloggers Network, the pioneer and unique crème of bloggers in Nigeria have shown that blogging is a profession, that if practised ethically and consciously can lift the burden of poverty and ignorance in Nigeria. Made up of trained ethical bloggers in niches like Development, Telecom, Patriotism, Business, Automobile, Lifestyle, News, Tech, Education, Mother and Child, Reviews, Events and places and more, members of the LOGiN Bloggers Network are spread across various states in Nigeria but bound with the common creed to tell Nigeria’s story positively.
They do this by working with brands, institutions and personalities who are ready to reap the viral effect a large number of bloggers alone can bring to a brand. Blogging has been identified as the largest Search Engine Optimisation tool and this network is stopping at nothing to provide exposure for great ideas, development strides and brands.
It is also on record for these 3years, that this network organises the annual Bloggers Party and Awards in Abuja and provides trainings too. So while speaking to the initiator Jenny Chisom Opara, she explained that “The LOGiN Bloggers Network was born exactly 3 years ago in a training facility in Abuja, as a brand initiative of the Logos Audibles Enterprises. It’s aimed as a means to groom a new crop of bloggers that will do things differently, shunning copy and pasting as well as every form of unethical/black hat practices. It soon grew into a network that now work with brands and with members and associates across Africa, this anniversary is a time for launching out in full force to wield our influence to bear on project Nigeria and to project brands in Nigeria properly. As we celebrate, we call on all bloggers across the world to acknowledge that they have the influence and commit to using it right.”
We can agree that bloggers have become a large component of our every day mobile and tech lives, and commend the efforts of these bloggers as they show the world and Africa how important their roles are.
Happy 3rd Anniversary LOGiN Bloggers Network!!!
Signed off by:

and with support from across the globe

Feature Sessions: WangerAyu

Friday, June 17, 2016
Hi everyone, Hope you're good.
It's been a while since we had our last Feature Sessions segment, well we're back. 

In this edition we had an opportunity to meet with the amazing Designer, Wanger of  WangerAyu

How To Create The Perfect Ombre Lips

Saturday, June 11, 2016

   Get in here girls, this right here is just for the ladies. I know how hard it has been for you to get that perfect shade of ombre on

your lips. Well, it's pretty easy. First of all,


Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Hi everyone! Hope everything is going well? I was in contact with Freddy from Freddynation and He wanted a shoot for his new T-shirts. I was really happy when Freddy mentioned that He has been following O&A  for quite sometime so we going international :).  Freddy studied in Ghana and started his clothing line in school so its no surprise that there are Ghana prints involved on his outfits. These T-shirts are truly unique and everyone needs to have one for them self , so its safe to say that Ghana must not go!
 Here are the pictures from the shoot..

In Focus: Kimono

Friday, May 27, 2016
Hi everyone! Hope everything is going well?
Last couple of weeks I've been telling myself I'll take pictures after church, 
but one thing or the other keeps coming up and I end up not taking any. 
Well this week was different, I got to take pictures of my amazing artist friend Morenike.
She kept forming modest and feigning inability to draw or model 😒.
She wore a black dress, a kimono with leather details (which actually drew my attention to her outfit and the Fringe thingy at the bottom) and paired it with nude strappy heels. 
Kimonos are originally Japanese traditional outfits worn for significant events. 
In recent time it has been recreated to have this urban appearance, making it look smaller yet considerably conservative, simple and generally more fashionable.

Sunday Best!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Hey Guys! How has it been? It was a colorful day on Sunday and everyone came out looking take-way! I was able to get pictures from House On The Rock and Also visited COZA to get a couple of pictures but i was apprehended :(  and told not to take pictures of "their members". Also in HOTR I was told not to take pictures cos of security reasons..Due to that I would not be posting Sunday's best as I used to so bear with me :) Big ups to babatunde from eobPhotography for assisting me with the could check out his works on INSTAGRAM @eob_photography. Here are the pictures from this past sunday..ENJOY!


Friday, May 20, 2016

Hi There,
                  Welcome, I am TheMargaretSandy and I'm going to be posting lots of exciting stuff about makeup as an art, and makeup just for the beauty, fun and confidence that a pretty face gives. So, do you love makeup as much as we do?

Double Denim/Summer Vibes

Hi Everyone! 
Hope you're excited I've got another outfit up today.
I thought about going to the beach recently and for some reason the whole double denim thing crossed my mind, we did a shoot on it a while back you can check it out here
So I decided to put together some clothes I felt would look really stylish, yet simple for a beach type occasion or a summer party and the likes. Here a the details on the individual pieces;

Basketball Jersey: This jersey was actually designed for the Toronto Raptors by thier ambassador Drake. If you look at it properly you'll notice the jersey has the whole OVO colour schemes on it.

Denim Shirt: I think Retrocode ( Vintage Shirt Makers) made one of these one time but they keep bring out new stuff it's hard to keep up.

Leather Cap: This one is particularly by SCZR, they make really nice stuff.

Shorts by J.Crew.

Double Strap Sandals: Lets your legs air out and feel free. I mean not everytime sneakers.

Sports Bag: I wanted to put a tote initially , then I saw this sports bag can't even remember where and added it instead.

Alright that's pretty much it, Would you wear this?
What do you think about the outfit?

In Focus: Nike Sneakers

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nike is probably the most recognizable sports brand in the world, branching into pretty much all the actively played sports. They are also a serious force to reckon with when it comes to making sneakers as they have a lot of  diverse collections and collaborate with several notable individuals from several walks of life. I'm going to be focusing on a few standout sneakers they worked on over the years some which have resurfaced or have been recreated and even new ones. I'll focus mostly low's because of personal preference and how stylish I think they are as opposed to looking athletic.

Monochrome Native Vibes

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hi everyone! How's it going?
I've been channeling my inner designer, guess that's probably why this outfit might make you look like a panda🐼 Lol. 
But for real I just had this urge to put together an outfit after actually seeing the shoes in this look. 
I think the whole idea behind monochrome outfits is to look elegant yet simple. 
There's not so much going on, definitely some I'll rock to different functions. Man has to flaunt the inner Yoruba demon.

The Native wear is by Jay Osibie.
The Glasses are Ray Ban Wayfarer's.
The Ring and Bracelet are by VItaly Design.
The Shoes are by Sir Jhoe Vanity. 

I'll love to know what you think about the outfit ?

Sunday Best: #COZA

Friday, May 13, 2016
Hey Guys! How is everyone doing? This past sunday I wanted to do something new so attended COZA for the first time..We Celebrate You! I am sure I said that a million times and I enjoyed every bit of it. As of style, they know how to pull off their sunday best, a lot of lovely outfits and I was able to get some people that slayed to church..Sit back and Enjoy!

Diva Covers

Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Hey Everyone! Here we have a wonderful clothing line to present to you called Diva Covers...making covering the new sexy! They deal with kimonos..jackets..long gowns and skirts. I must say she has unique designs that everyone would love and yeah its pretty affordable! These are pictures of the Diva covers well to get one or all of them. If you are interested in getting one of these amazing Rukayat 08052903201 or follow @Hajiarukayya on Instagram and send a message..Thank you.