Public Speking Cocktail 2015

Wednesday, December 23, 2015
The Public Speaking Cocktail held on the 3rd of this month. This one was smaller than the one that held prior to it, that not withstanding it was fun. It consisted a lot of cheerful people, delicacies, music and general good vibes amongst other things.
 A considerable amount of people were in attendance and they participated in the activities organised for the night other than the regular mingling, wining and dinning. Then everyone was really pumped for the group photos; a lot of people were spotted photo bombing and were just generally hyped up.
The event was kinda short (shout-out to Hebron FM), So we tried our best to capture as many individual outfits in the time we had and I must say there were so many cool ones. But the group pictures were predominant.
As the event came to an end we received words from the coordinator of the class and former Registrar of The University Dr. Muyiwa Oludayo. Oh yeah there was a surprise appearance by the Dean of students who also gave a speech.
Hope you enjoy the post as much as we enjoyed covering it.