Mask In

Sunday, December 6, 2015
During this Holiday Christmas season we are totally obsessed with Carnivals, Festivals, bright colours and, my personal favourite, masks. Not everyone agreed with the mask but they were considerably out-voted. 
We were very interested in trying to style the street carnival lovers, not the dancers in costumes and what not, but the ordinary people of O&A (you know we got you!). We then presented a few suggestions on what you should wear out there.


Since we expect a reasonable amount of Sunshine, try to dress light; your sleeveless, crop tops, shorts, minis, and the likes were made for these sort of days, so release them from your wardrobe.



At the same time, with our erratic weather, we can always expect the winds to come in and the harmattan to blow during the evening shows, so hold a jacket with a bottle of water please (if you don't need it, offer it to the cute girl you have been staring at all night long). 
The most important accessory is your phone; selfies and actual pictures and videos and Snapchat and Twitter and O&A. But crack in your bead collection if you have them to aid in your colour magic. Oh, a cap would be great too.


Finally, if you are attending any carnival, festival or event this season, please upload a picture on Instagram and mention ordinaryandart, we would be glad to see the fashion at those events. Thank you..


 Photographers: Kraftsman, OrdinaryandArt
Models: Omon, Naya, Goodness, Andrei, and Droxy
Styling: Ordinary and Art