Denim On Denim

Saturday, November 7, 2015

There is the art you create when you put on a pair of jeans; shorts or trousers alike. It is quite easy to fall in love with denim; it doesn't judge you, understands your body and always there through those tough and stressful times in life which is basically what you look for in a dream girl. 
I think makers of clothes understood this when they started making it in shorts, shirts and skirts.

There are a lot of ways to style denim and most of those styles provide the fashionable, solid, edgy and almost gruffish feeling in the unique manner that only denim provides; but for fashion, and other constraints, I know most folks would stick with denim all year long. Somehow it transcends seasons and is relevant along most trend lines.

But be warned, it is almost segregated to just street style. There is little or no room for it in the formal outfits, even though people are becoming creative with it and playing a lot on the boundaries. I concede, for almost my whole childhood I thought denim was exclusive to trousers, as I grew older I started seeing jackets, then shirts. I guess my involvement with denim increased with age. Now even more possibilities abound. A denim jacket is like the blazer of street style fashion and when you pair it with denim trousers, you've got yourself a suit (wear a denim shirt inside and that's a 3-piece combo right there).

Finally, Denim is that go to piece you could refer to when in doubt,
 you know what they say there is no such thing as too much denim.

Models: Omon, Inimfon, Droxy and Mmek.

Make Up: Omon and Inimfon.

Photography: O&A.


  1. Wonderful pieces, real denim definition. Love the photography

  2. So Johnny finally decided to show us a glimpse of his house, on some Linda shii right there. Nice scenery, lovely combinations with sharp, sublime photography. I like.