3-D Printed Fashion

Friday, November 20, 2015
We're living in an age everything we do involves technology in one way or the other. It's reaching a level where even what we imagine can be brought to life before our very eyes, taking note of and creating each feature to the last detail of our design of what we've imagined without us killing ourselves giving life to these ideas.

In fashion this has been made possible 
by 3-d Printing services. 
Everything from clothes to accessories 
and many more things imagined,
then designed can be brought to life 
using this technique. 

What you need to do is design what you want to make on your computer, you send the designs to the printer. Then your work is processed, a three dimensional model is created & your design is created. There are also diverse simulations  used to create very unique and intricate designs.

Though 3-D printing fashion did not just start, its been in the works for a while and there has been a considerable amount of work done to improve on it. These developments were quite notable in the recently concluded Paris Fashion week, as a number of pieces that graced several runways were created by or Incorporated elements of 3-D printing.

 Karl Lagerfeld sent a piece to the runway that Incorporated 3-D prints and
 Gwendoline Christie from Game of Throne had a dress printed on her
 just to mention a few activities from the event that involved 3-D printing.

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