Sunday's Best: Sundae

Tuesday, October 6, 2015
Hi everyone! How is your week going?
Well this past week was filled with a lot of activities,from a the anniversary celebration to shoots to collaborations and a lot more. We have a lot in store for you, yes you. Also, we want to thank everyone again for all the well wishing and support with respect to our anniversary. 
We couldn't have done any of it without you, you're the best. 

This past Sunday we were able to get pictures from both the services of several individuals beautiful outfits. Out of the variety, I noticed that there were actually a lot of people in very sharp bespoke suits. So hook a brother up abeg.
Finally, we would like to thank everyone especially Sipo of STJ Photography for their contributions to this post. For more of his amazing work you can check out his Instagram page: @STJPHOTOGRAPHY_


Instagram: IHVIEY &


                                                              Instagram: STEPHANIEODILI

                                                                 Instagram: J_PELUMI

                                                                     Instagram: MZ_EBEIH

                                                                     Instagram: RHEMIIEE

                                                                Instagram: ITZ_ETELE

                                                                   Instagram: AKUNNA__

                                                                 Instagram: RUG_BEEE

                                                         Instagram: SIMPLY_IMZEEY

                                                                  Instagram: ORE_DAIRO

Instagram: PEACE__O

                                                                   Instagram: ESE.OGHENE

                                                                   Instagram: THE_ARDAH

                                                                Instagram: SOSA_LEE

                                                           Instagram: MYKAELL_KRISS


                                                        Instagram: JAMESDPHOTOGRAPHY


Instagram: ALBERTA_I

Instagram: JACOBMUSA

                                                             Instagram: IAMDOCTORP

                                                      Instagram: Sir_Certified_Kvng_

Instagram: DAAMEE_

Instagram: MAERY___

                                                                    Instagram: YENNY_AJ

                                                                Instagram: PHOLU__

Instagram: SLEEKBHEE


Instagram: SHERRYLOVE95


                                                                  Instagram: T_AINY

                                              Instagram: BOLUODUTOLA & SOMYNOEL

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