Sunday's Best: Spotted

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Hi everyone, how's it going?
Well this past week the  annual Eagles Summit held and as a result there were a lot of activities. As a result of that we got to meet a lot of amazing Eagle photographers notably Bayo Rotilu of Twelve.05 Photography and Ken Tucker the Get The Look by Jumia Fashion guy who was also present and took some shots after the service.
Well this Sunday I spotted a lot of trends from the outfits after the service, notably waistcoats and several hats/ head accessories which were actually really cool. Also, James of Ordinary and Art was present (*Screams*) and it was a good day overall.

The Bowtie from jodechi is really unique and he has a straw hat on (you dont see that often) and the pretty SUBIEEY had this cream blazer on and a green skirt

Instagram: _shan_ky

Lilian slayed with her white trousers and black jacket and it doesn't look like your normal day to day jacket :)

Sister Sister!! I almost did not take two beautiful sisters but i was determined! *in Kanu's voice* The skirts did it for me tho..i love the skirt.

Instagram: __STEFNY__
Happy birthday stephanie!!!! in arrears tho* and as the tradition is in C.U you must 'overslay' on your birthday and that was what steph did...she was looking angelic with this white gown, and yes big shoutout to your MUA she did a good job!

Any guy wearing this kind of bright blazer is confident! I loved how the cream blazer blended with the waist coat and the trousers..good one! *pls who knows his IG name? the ladies might need it :)

Instagram: _PELUMEE
Hmm..what i like about pelumi's outfit is how she was able to mix the gold accessories, the gold zip (i see it) and the gold shoe with the white dress..not forgetting the black and white stripped bag, 

We all know he is the suit guy! The white blazer and the Indulgence Bowtie..(It has to be indulgence) made him slay this past sunday

Instagram: BOLANLE_O
Bolanle was looking like a "flower girl" :) the flower printed skirt made it for me and her top too that went well with the skirt 

Instagram: AD.RIEL
                      Our Woman Crush :) the black and white stripped trouser gave this outfit a unique feel that i like, the trouser reminds me of  'tom-tom' meaning that you are sweet..and hot!

Instagram: ZAVAN__
What i like about this outfit is the starts straight then it becomes flair that's beautiful! 

Our Top Fashion designer! Sonia was pulling off one of her numerous collections. I like what she was able to with the top and trust me it is handmade!

Instagram: TONYOLA_XO
Did i hear somone say Kimono?! I love the kimono and also the different colours on it, that made this outfit beautiful.

Instagram: AMY_CHRIZZ
                          i love the dress and also love the straw hat..most especially the Red Shoes!

Instagram: FVEEV96
This is a lovely outfit by Uzor. Red flair skirt and a pocadot top and yes we have another hat but this own is with a unique twist.

Instagram: KARINA_XO_
I love this oufit from karina and yes another Hat :)

KIMONO!! Yeah that was what made this outfit stand out.

Instagram: 20.55
I like the simplicity of this outfit..the pokkadots on the top and the pink shoes made this oufit for me :)

Instagram: ITZ_PIYET

Instagram: ESE.OGHENE

Instagram: ROGUEBANZ
I respect how she always brings out this her androgynous kind of style and this is one of it, a guy wearing this might be normal but a girl..that's what makes the outfit unique

Ogaranya is at it again! He slayed with this his gray suit and the tie and waist coat has this shade of green and also his brogue shoe should complete the outifit

Instagram: SOSA_LEE
Mr Sosa killed with this his two-piece double breasted suit..apart from the design of the suit what i like is the colour, it stands out.

Instagram: RETROPIAN
I Like the purple suit and 'dem boots..really dope!

Instagram: SINC_Z
What made this outfit for me was his double breasted suit, he wasn't with a tie so it gave him this gentleman look

The blue three piece suit and the touch of blue shoes made this outfit for me

He also has that same gentleman look, i like how to blended the different shade of blue, that's really cool not forgetting the brown shoes

I like the check design on the suit..and also the colour of the suit.

Instagram: GBOLA.XO
I like this look..He looks complete! lapel pin..pocket square..tie..gray stripe suit..and a really nice show, dope man!

Instagram: LUPSON7

I love the colours from david's waistcoast, that was made this outifit come out really nice :)

Instagram: SAMMYPPH
Mr Sammy also had a waistcoast on, the colours on this waistcoast also made this outfit really cool.

Instagram: D_ENGLISHMAN &
From the Englishman the blue pants made this outfit to stand out and also the blue coloured pocket square nice :) The other guy had his 3 piece suit on.

NB: You guys should watch out for Spotted by Tag TV footage should be out soon.

NB: We are trying to become more of a fashion blog and not a photography blog so not all pictures taken on sunday would make Sunday Best so please if we took your picture on sunday but can't see them here, don't hesitate to send us a DM on twitter or instagram and we would send your picture to you, Thanks :)
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