Skirt Story: TwentySix

Friday, October 16, 2015
Can we play a game? I call it skirting, but you can call it what you like. The rules are simple.
First to spot 20 quality and beautiful skirts wins. Have you seen any yet? Yes? No? Well TwentySix is in the building so I don't know where you were looking. Cool name right? That's what I said too.
I grew up in a time where the debate of skirts and trousers for virtuous women was still very much a tussle: granted, trousers were beginning to win but skirts were still largely prevalent,
 especially in churches. 
So I came to the realization that a good skirt to a lady is as important as the body putting it on and more than most pieces of clothing, to ladies, skirts are very personal. It's usually a direct reflection of one's personality, character disposition and mood. Usually people say they would rather wear a pair of jeans or any kind of trouser (sweatpants included) for flexibility and utility, so when you eventually see a lady in skirt, she is usually passing on a message, she means business and there is usually a story in there. 

Here's where TwentySix come in. I'm not sure if it's weird for a heterosexual man to admire skirts, but the first time I was introduced to this brand, I was like; "Wow! Those are really nice skirts!" 
The feel of quality to this brand is just abounding; the materials, 
diverse colours and styles among its other qualities. 

Also, according to someone there's this thing about skirts that  can help you channel this inner femininity, you know that girl inside that just wants to cast caution to the wind, have fun, feel free and pretty. I personally like that girl, I think her confidence and positive energy is sexy. 
I think these skirts would be able to help you channel that girl, you know with the playful, energetic prints and patterns which portray some of her attributes.

It's overall a stylish design of skirts with their own subtlety. The brand has this level of pizzazz to it like any outstanding clothing line; it can be unmistakable who you are wearing and it's all so lovely because you look that good. These skirts get you and can give a good idea you to the rest of the world, talk about style story. Worn well it could just be the right amount of formal, reserved yet edgy response to people who don't like your fashion or claim you are fashionably invisible. 
The aim I guess is to make skirts cool again, a different kind of cool and they are doing a pretty job. We put the brand out there to hear public opinion at one time and the glowing recommendations of how their product was so 'on point' from many 'female girls' confirmed our own inclination. 

The company is a creation of Desola Falomo. She always has a creative formation about her, be it fashion design, styling or making an Instagram page. To a large extent her unique way of seeing the world has been translated to the skirts she make which are a brilliant reflection of a brilliant mind. The colours are soothing yet visible and it's the sort of material and fashion representation you go for when you hope to tell a story, A skirt story. 
You can check out more of the skirts and finish up with the story at and follow the Instagram page 

Skirts by TwentySix

Photography: Oleku Benson and O&A

Styling: @TwentySix.Co

Models: Sophia and Chidinma

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