Feature Sessions: Desireé Iyama

Friday, October 23, 2015
Hi Guys! Hope everything is going good.
We started this segment Feature Session recently and we're glad to follow up with some more segments involving other amazing individuals.

In today's edition we're focusing on Desireé Iyama of desireeswardrobe.net

I had met Desireé prior to this meeting, she usually exudes this positive vibe that I like.

I was glad to get this opportunity to make a better connection with her. 
Funny thing is, getting her to introduce herself was the toughest part of the day other than that everything was easy peasy...

All through the time we were together she was vibrant and just happy, 
I guess I have that effect on people ;).

Introduce Yourself.

I'm Mayowa Iyama a Student of Sociology, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger 
and a Part time Freelance Stylist

How did you get into fashion?

My mum was my major influence I guess, she's a fashion designer.
So when I was very young I used to take & sometimes hide pieces from her shop to take home and sew clothes for my dolls. Then when ever I got clothes I usually cut and altered them; my clothes were never the same.  

How did you get into blogging?

I initially started a Tumblr page, but then I always had it in mind to create an actual blog.
I read a lot of other blogs and did a lot of research before I decided to start the journey.
I actually purchased my current domain name sometime in 2012 and began using it in 2014. 

How would you describe your style?

Uhmm Simple I guess *Laughs*
Well I don't know if there's just a word to describe it but here's what I'll say, 
I dress up based on my mood, it all depends on how i'm feeling at that particular time.
I dislike picking out clothes the night before because most times I wake up the next morning feeling entirely different and I end up not wearing what I previously picked out. 
My Mum is always on my case when I try to explain it her *Laughs*

How do you want your style to develop?

Right now I'm quite restricted so I guess my style isn't really  where I want it to be. 
Eventually it would get there. I would like to end this matter with this quote by a wise someone;
" My style isn't even my style, I can't afford my actual style yet."

What's Your Favorite Accessory?


What are your favorite pair of shoes?

Anything by Sophia Webster, I really like her shoes!

What Question do you always get asked?

Well people ask different questions concerning my name Desireé.
It's actually my middle name and I was named that by my Dad.

What type of styles do you like?

Classy, simple and fun.

What do you see yourself doing in the future?

I would have obviously finished school so I plan to be an Anthropologist, I also want to become an established fashion designer, run a business with several stores. Besides those, I want to start a family ,build an empire and travel with my husband.