How To Style: Button-Up Shirts

Saturday, September 26, 2015
There is an increasing exchange of clothing between men and women, but one I can’t judge is the shirt. The shirt as a piece of fashion ensemble is getting ludicrously important and transgender. Your girlfriend can raid your wardrobe at anytime and it wouldn't be entirely wrong. Some dresscodes require solid shirts and blazers for both genders so you can't blame anybody. As to which gender really has claim to shirts as their unique wardrobe piece is no longer certain. 

I think ladies have successfully turned the most masculine attire, second only to trusers, to a style and attractive piece.  Now shirts are paired with trousers, skirts, minis, high heels, pumps and sneakers. Sometimes no skirts are needed, just shoes...boyfriend shirts.

With intermittent rainfalls the whole day, we had to be taking pictures when nature gave us 20 or 30  minutes break from showering us with blessings. Who knew an umbrella could make such nice accessory.

The models had such energy to them and the make-up, though different told the fashion stories of each of them. One, tough, energetic, lively, adventurous and dark, and the other sweet, gentle, soft and shy. Who is who? You be the judge. 

                      Say Hello to Mmek again.

Models: Idy (Rancho) and Treasure

Stylists: Inimfon, Idy and Treasure

Photographers: Johnny, Mmek.

Make-Up: Idy and Treasure

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    1. It's possible! Check out our contact page and hit us up ;).