Ordinary and Streets

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What started off as a normal day of fashion shoot for the blog turned into an adventure of varying lights, outfits, caps, street style, laughter, wardrobe change, small restaurants, and experiments.

The light that day was as unsteady as as a three year old on his seat (don't ask how I know that). It was actually my first time shooting with Cannon but I loved the experience all the same.

I was looking for an outdoor wall reminiscent of style and street wear for the ordinary girl: the sort of picturesque that has both character and fashion personality and I came across this brick one in a park and  at the center of town. Oh, by the way, meet Naya (teey_naya). 
Irrespective of the inquisitive eyes of on-lookers and curious passers by she held her own. I love the attitude and the ability to not care so much in a situation when it really mattered to care. It's like being a model no matter what.

Fonzie, a.k.a the style attorney (IG: _thebadandtheugly) came on with his peculiar styling of  a black jacket on top of white golfing Oxford by FootyJoy. A blue striped trouser and white tees to make for a complete "bad ass" (excuse my french). Oh, and by the way, this guy always has a pose even if he is 'photo bombing'.

The sweatpants and heels was a show stopper. I can imagine those who first saw her in the park were  asking, who is this babe?!! Then when a camera was pointed in her specific direction, they'd go..."oooh, she a model, makes sense now."

So we went to the streets proper and the motion and the energy was amazing. It was like, trying to slow down time in the middle of a rush hour. I did mention it was at the center of town right?

After a few minutes break (without food), we left for location no. 2 under the new bridge with not as much traffic as before so guess what we did........we stood in the middle of the road to take pictures. Did someone sing Crazy Youngsters?

The outfit on her, as you can see, is a blue fitted blouse with a mini zebra coloured skirt, and yes it's probably not appropriate to say "zebra coloured" but I couldn't resist. The skirt had my attention the whole time, not because of the mini but because of the that peculiar colour (yeah, right) and speaking of skirts, anticipate. The matching sneakers was to full effect so the blue gave the outfit colour as appropriate. Glasses? Attitude. The whole outfit came out very nice in the end. 

Because we had no 'parental supervision' (traffic and police), we went up and down the bridge, like the kids we are in a candy shop.

Fonzie changed the 'Jean-Claude Van Damme Jacket' for a more subtle blue denim jacket and and the look changed with it. The backpack came on we could portray school, work, activity, fun and a purposefulness to the style and shoot in general.

Look at them love-birds go?>!@#$

A couple of the accessories and details in case you were too distracted by the fine people to notice (*coughs*).

Say hello to the assistant photographer, Mmek || IG: @mmekxis

Models: Naya and Fonzie
Styling: O&A
Photographer: O&A, Mmek


  1. I love this
    I need them Btw
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  2. O$A needs to add a face to that Name,am really looking forward to see the pple behind O$A

    1. our faces is on the About page..please check it out