Sundays Best: Admirable Thanksgiving

Wednesday, July 1, 2015
I want to use this opportunity to really appreciate the Ordinary and Art community, all the beautiful men and women who made the season a successful one. We asked, you posed, we snapped and we made it together. You people are truely the art that changed us from ordinary to extraordinary. Agbada, Danshiki, Abeti-aja, Mola Style, Iro and Buba, Usiogho, Kaftan, any of those native styles you argued with your tailor for, we had it on ground during last Sunday's Best. Head gears, caps, hats, staffs, beads and other accessories came in handy especially since the dance in church demanded full flowing regalias. It was a generous display of whites and purples, and girls went from rich simple gowns to superfluous dresses of sorts. 
I can't complain, I enjoyed every minute of it.

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