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Thursday, July 9, 2015
Keep your eye on that Kimono for a bit. Brilliant! The gladiator sandals, diamond neck jewel, pencil pant. This is a new level of street style from Flo. The edge that this outfit provides is greatly enhanced by the choice of make-up (did someone say eyeliner?). She can do a lot of poses which is due in part to the Kimono, which on its own has become a trend and a must have for every girl out there.  

Model: Folunso
IG: @flooizzii

White Suits
I have slowly become fond of the white feminine suits. It feels like a wardrobe must-have and its a really flexible outfit. You can style it casually to look like an outfit for a night out with friends, or like a Sunday best outfit for church. Its the 'class-ful' woman's street style. The range of accessories that can be used is really diverse from gold to silver and even bronze. Wear a red heeled pump like this one and you add a new level class to your persona. 

Model: Ada
IG:   @precious_okechukwu



This is the one. The first time I saw this, I didn't quite get what the point was, but now I kind like it. A jumpsuit is almost like a tattoo, its a lot of attitude and can't go unnoticed (except it's way easier to take off). The most exciting thing about this baby is that you can pair it with denim jackets, ankara shirts, wear it as a proper suit or even put a kimono on it. Heels, flats, pumps, glads are all complimentary shoes for your outfit. But take note that your accessory should help you define your style. Give it up for Onye! 


Model: Onyii
IG: @rrubbie_

Crop Top with Convex
This is the streetest of all street styke. I always love a girl that can work her convex and Sophie was on point. The varsity was an extra shine and speaks a lot about her style. But the thing of note here is that you can always trust yourself no to go wrong with a crop top because it's a style statement on its own, its edgy, its street and gives the guys something to look forward to. Usually, colourful crops and and ones with writings are preferable cos it takes the attention away from your body and is appropriate. Who says you can't show your flat abs once in a while, after all it is hard work. 

Model: Sophia
IG: @sophiyahh_


Disclaimer: Nothing happened *winks*

See why you  need the jacket?

Jumpsuit 2
This is one other way of pairing the jumps; with a denim shirt, slides and the signature Tiger Woods cap. It's such a freedom and such a street statement.

Model: Folunso
IG: @flooizzii

Striped Suit on Vans
This is a sort of street style for the working class or for those guys afraid of jeans. It's that sort of mature and classy style for the gentleman. These shoes are incredibly flexible and important for the wardrobe of a stylish gentleman. They are street style. See the pocket on the t-shirt.

Model: Hamzat
IG: @dammie1904

Crop Top on Skirt
This is may look like your normal outfit, but it's clear that when you are trying to pull off the perfect outfit at any occasion (in this case street), the attitude is super important. The goal is to make your own style peculiar and representative of who you are. I love the way this outfit is made with those horizontal lines that sort of take your eye on a journey. The heels and hair are great accessories while the rest is minimalist. This is another classy street style.

Model: Ngozi
IG: @n.eseka

White Suit 2
A unique style is made better with beautiful accessories as shown here by yours truely, .
Her heels are extra lovely and extra suggestive!

Model: Reta 
IG: @pretyskittles

I know you are thinking, but this is not street! Yeah, I just put it there cos I like it

Crop Top om Suit 2
Yea, you can also do the same style with different colours up and down. Like I said, its the new attitude.

Loafers and Chequered Shirt
Loafers, don't think I forgot those babies. Comfort and style is a rare thing but its packed in those small babies like nothing else. The shirt is a great addition to this style,everyone should definitely have this chequered shirts because they are great for freestyle and for stylish street style. 

Street Suit

Model: James
IG: zimmani

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