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Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Hi everyone, hope your'e doing good and the holidays are going well. Aside from the fuel scarcity 
things are looking up, I mean they just have to be looking up.
A while ago we did a collaborative shoot with my mainest guy, Campus Heat photographer of the year, Portait and Lifestyle photographer, Midewey (please, please  hold your appalause, 
okay maybe just a little more, its okay stop shouting & yes i actually know him I'm not just famzing). 
In this post we decided to center our attention on the vinatge trend. Vintage outfits could be described as fashion reminiscent of the past. It could also be considered as retro. Till now trends are being reincarnated and some of the styles from the past have now become fashionable again.
 We were able to present some of these trends from the different eras with help from our amazing models to convey different messages describing their outfits and at times their personalities. 
The shoot was a bit hectic for us because we kinda had a lot on our plate that day, 
but in the end it was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy the post.

PS: We would like to appreciate everyone that helped make the post possible.

Midewey checkout more of his amazing work on his Instagram:midewey and at  

Models: Mfon, Chidoe, Dami, Ada, Audery, Victoria, Cherry, Paulette, Tobe and Obasa.

Creative Directors: Micheal and Ucheya.

As I met Dami at the rendevouz she said to me: Less is more...
 Her outfit was actually casual, but she was able to class it up with the belt and the pumps.
It looked really elegant and it came out so well, easily one of my favorite outifits from the shoot.
Instagram: The_Adisa

Ada appears to be intellectual and serious at the top and fun and interesting at the bottom...
The shiffon blouse and the floral print skirt pair so well together.
Also, the accessories make the outfit look a lot more casual,
while a jacket could have changed the outfit entirely.

Mfon doesnt seem like one that likes to be tied down, I met him sometime in the 80's and i wasn't surprised when I found out he was the one who runs town.
The beret and boots reminded me of a commander while the rest of the outfit is laid back cool as hell. He has this italian vibe going on...
Instagram: Mfon_Offiong

Remember Chidoe?
If youve been reading the blog for a while you should have seen her in a pair of sweats.
The outfit was colourful, but the kind of colourful that's easy on the eyes and so she is. The belt,
shoes and glasses complete the look, especially the glasses it exhudes this boss chic vibe. I like.
Instagram: Chiidoe

Audrey was in a dielima, filled with thoughts as she tried to find her true colour. 
Eventually she realised that there are different ways she liked to express herself... 
Her outfit was kinda cavaier but she was very free in it. I really like the glasses and her bracelets. There was something about her shoes though I couldnt really point it out.
Instagram: Audds.I

Your opinion is valuable to us, we would love to know what you think about the pictures and the entire post.


  1. Some outfits didn't really seem vintage like Dami's and Ada's, and some pictures shouldn't have been included cause they seem really similar to the one directly before it. Cool post regardless and some really nice poses

  2. Nice job. The group picture. The dual pictures. Like. Like. Mfon!!

  3. I'd have loved it if you had used another vintage filter alongside with the black and white. But its all good. Really good models and fantastic shot angles.
    I see your use of Puns, in Audrey's Picture. "Could not point it out". Good Job.