The Urban Retro II

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hi everyone, hope you enjoyed the last post. 
Well this is the is the concluding part of the Urban Retro Series.
Here we some more pictures of other models in vintage outfits.
Hope you do enjoy it.

PS: We would like to appreciate everyone that helped make the post possible.

Midewey checkout more of his amazing work on his Instagram:midewey and at  

Models: Mfon, Chidoe, Dami, Ada, Audery, Victoria, Cherry, Paulette, Tobe and Obasa.

Creative Directors: Micheal and Ucheya.

Paulette's outfit outfit was very simple and borderline; 
I can't really say it so casual nether is it over the top. 
The minmal accesories made sense on the outfit, there wasnt too much hapenning. 
Personally, I love the silhouette shot so much.

"The last couple of days had been filled with decisions for Tobe.
 He choose to take some time out to reflect on these decisions:
 the up's, downs, profits and all the other outcomes..."

The bag and the hat really put the outfit together, also the boots were old school they looked so cool.
Finally, I liked the way the colours  mixed and blended together.

"Meet Cherry, dark like cola keeps it popping, the life of the party. 
Dance with me she said, it'll be fun she said..."

Her outfit looks very free and she looks like she having a blast. 
I really like the accessories she had on from the the belt to the shoes 
and nothing say vintage like really nice pearls.


"After leaving Mfon I met with Victoria on one of those dark city nights. 
With out saying much her presence alone was so alluring. 
There was just this appeal she had, she kept pulling me in..."

I guess its safe to say to this was my best outfit from the shoot, the colours and the whole outfit conformed to the the theme. 
The  leather pants were so edgy, the bracelet was on point and the boots fit the outfit so well.


"Everything seems so complicated, Obasa kept pondering and searching for answers. 
Eventually he would find it, find it where you ask? It was in the arms of..."

His outfits were very simple and casual. He looked so cool in them and had retro but timeless 
elements in his outfits like the suspenders and the waist coat.
 I prefer the blue outfit but the other one was also very cool.

"It's the Good, the Bad and the guy; an epitome of modern relationships.

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