Admirable Dinner

Saturday, June 27, 2015
The much anticipated Admirable Last Dinner finally took place on Monday, the 22nd of June 2015, and O&A surely turned up. When I heard the theme was black and white, I was really anticipating what the admirable ordinary and art community will pull off knowing what they can do, and they didn't fall hands (*pardon my pidgin*). We had outfits ranging from old English, to French, to African traditional attires and we covered every inch of it. At a point though, I felt like the most interesting part of the evening was the fashion, because not too many things were done right. By the way, am still waiting for my food......,*yawns*. I kind of have a best dressed in mind but I will like to hear your comments to find if it's who I think it is.   

We really appreciate the CPC for their set up and back drop and also will like to say a special thank you to GMK media for the lights and props, they really did a good job. Always, Anie was up. 

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