Thursday, May 14, 2015
A while ago we had a shoot and we were interested in showcasing suits. Our aim was to capture guys pulling off really cool corporate outfits *Adjusts Tie Like Barney Stinson.* So we went out of our way to get some of the most dapper guys, some cameras and we had our shoot.
 The shoot was really interesting, a lot of thought, good weather and concepts were put together to achieve the results you see. In this particular post we focused on some plain colours and double breasted suits. This is part one of a two part series. Enjoy!  
Oh and shoutout to Funto she was the first person to guess who was in the blurred picture on Instagram. If you aren't already following please do. @Ordinaryandart 

Finally, We would like to appreciate everyone that contributed to this post. 
The Models: Tony, Kunle, Peter and David.
The Photographers: Dumeje of Odi photography and Monwill Arts
The Creative Directors: Micheal and Ucheya.

Sir Eminike Tony.
 This dude is one of the most dapper guys out there.
He actually knows his shiii, pardon my french. He takes his business seriously and is as good a model as most. You can tell he is knowledgeable in the art and his itch for colours is very daring.
 On the edge, not afraid to experiment.
His grey double-breasted suit came off brilliantly on top of the sky blue shirt and tie. The white collar shirt, brown monk strap shoes and bag to go are the style add-ons that make a notable style gentleman. The hat and trench coat could be useful especially when there's a little rain.

IG: Tony_Eminike

Meet Kunle,
Splice is that kind of natural fashionista that would make flip-flops look dapper. Its like the Midas touch of style. Waist up is the wall-street type double-breasted black jacket on white shirt and a colourful patterned tie for a corporate look while waist down is a gray trouser and milky oxfords to go; in summary it says, i'm corporate and I've got taste.
It is popularly believed that you are not complete as a gentleman without a pocket square.
Splice didn't just bring that, he also wore a pair of shades, and other accessories that asserts his territory. Oh! Don't forget the man bag too dope!
IG: Kunlesplice

Mr. Peter
I will confess no one gave me Wall street like him. He's got the build plus, this suit is a classic.
 I really don't know what I liked more between the suede high tops and the bag that made him look like a Consigliere (meant to be a Complement) it could also have been the hat. But I just like the way he composes his outfits and stays true to his colours. Mafia or runway he is your guy.


Meet David
The Multi-talented David Oyawoye. I didn't think he could still surprise me wearing a suit judging from his style choices, but this wow. Okay its blue so, it kinda has to be wow. The double breast and the buttons do something for me no pun intended.
But then again if a dapper model wears blue suit, an immaculate white shirt, gray pocket square, brown oxfords and a striped brown tie that matches his hat it has to be Oyawoye.
The look has a feel to it, but David took it a step further with the concepts and the poses. He made the shoot very interesting and innovative. We were really happy to work with him.

IG: Davidoyawoye

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  1. Nice photos and suits! The photo of the guy in the blue suit leaning on the curb is a fav.

    1. Thanks so much. I know right that's also my favorite.

  2. Very nice and sophisticated. I love the blue suit along with the allusion presented in the picture of him leaning off of the curb.

  3. What kind of betrayal is this, and i trusted you *sobs*. I believed every word you feed me and what do i get. Mrr Peter suit isn't double breasted and you led me to believe otherwise. Time for some Adele and Asa, i'm in pain.

    1. Im so so sorry Kayode *sobs* It's not my fault "the pressure, the pressure was very mussh"

  4. I found out about your blog a few weeks ago and its really good. I really love the fact that you're presenting your school in a more positive light than it is conceived atm. Never stop doing what you do best. God bless x

    1. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your comment.