Public Speaking Din-Tail

Saturday, May 9, 2015
Hi everyone, I hope you're good. A few days ago, on Wednesday to be precise the Public Speaking Din-tail hosted by the Registrar of covenant university held at the Cafeteria 2. As the name implies 
It consisted a cocktail and a dinner. It was really fun night with activities that involved beautiful
people, music, food and heart warming speeches. This was an event I had been looking forward to since the beginning of the semester and really I was not disappointed. There were so many outfits, the guys looked dapper and most of them had Indulgence bow ties on. The ladies brought their A-game and looked really beautiful. Also, this wonderful event was organized by Zalmonah events. 
The registrar was joined by his family and a few other special guests. As always he addressed the audience and during this period he specially appreciated his wife, family, colleges that were present, other special guest and of course the students. 
Finally, He addressed the final year students ans something He said that stuck with me was
 "Know what the university has invested in you, eventually  it would be contested. 
But i'm proud because I know your success would be loud." 
So with out any other delay here are the pictures from the nights celebration, Enjoy!

PS:We would like to appreciate Tobi Ijehin of Tag Photography for his contribution with the pictures. Check out for their work. 

Tobi Ijehin Of Tag Photography.

The Registrar, Iyobosa and  guys rocking Indulgence Ties.

The Registrar With the Ordinary & Art Guys (Though Johnny was not around).

The Zalmonah Events Team.

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  1. Most of these pictures are of EXTREMELY LOW QUALITY. i am not sure if the O&A team took these pictures but the editing was woeful and the pictures on a general looked like they were taken with an ipod. Sorta like the photographer was a novice. please fix up. Don't fall your hand this early

    1. Lol. Oga, you dey vex o. I like the pictures sha. They are beautiful.

    2. The pictures were compressed, happens a lot when you upload high resolution pictures (that's why sites have max size for upload), but if you open a picture in a new tab, its much better. Thumbs up to the photographer, nice one.