Sundays Best: Nostalgia

Sunday, May 24, 2015
Happy holidays everyone. I hope everything is going well and your holidays are interesting. 
I know a number of people are missing school or at least the after service pictures. The pictures in this post are from the last Sunday in school.
 For some reason we weren't able to capture as many people as we would have liked, but there a number of  beautiful people and awesome outfits in the post. I hope you enjoy it.

Suitable II

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
This is the second and final addition to the Suitable post. In this post or aim to showcase guys pulling of really cool corporate outfits still remains, but in this post we decided to focus more on black and white outfits. All the pictures were shot on the same day and the models were able to be themselves in the environments they were located.

We would like to appreciate everyone that contributed to this post
The Models: Prince ,Eseosa, Peter and David.
The Photographers: Dumeje of Odi Photography and Monwill Arts
The Creative Directors: Micheal and Ucheya


Thursday, May 14, 2015
A while ago we had a shoot and we were interested in showcasing suits. Our aim was to capture guys pulling off really cool corporate outfits *Adjusts Tie Like Barney Stinson.* So we went out of our way to get some of the most dapper guys, some cameras and we had our shoot.
 The shoot was really interesting, a lot of thought, good weather and concepts were put together to achieve the results you see. In this particular post we focused on some plain colours and double breasted suits. This is part one of a two part series. Enjoy!  
Oh and shoutout to Funto she was the first person to guess who was in the blurred picture on Instagram. If you aren't already following please do. @Ordinaryandart 

Finally, We would like to appreciate everyone that contributed to this post. 
The Models: Tony, Kunle, Peter and David.
The Photographers: Dumeje of Odi photography and Monwill Arts
The Creative Directors: Micheal and Ucheya.

Public Speaking Din-Tail

Saturday, May 9, 2015
Hi everyone, I hope you're good. A few days ago, on Wednesday to be precise the Public Speaking Din-tail hosted by the Registrar of covenant university held at the Cafeteria 2. As the name implies 
It consisted a cocktail and a dinner. It was really fun night with activities that involved beautiful
people, music, food and heart warming speeches. This was an event I had been looking forward to since the beginning of the semester and really I was not disappointed. There were so many outfits, the guys looked dapper and most of them had Indulgence bow ties on. The ladies brought their A-game and looked really beautiful. Also, this wonderful event was organized by Zalmonah events. 
The registrar was joined by his family and a few other special guests. As always he addressed the audience and during this period he specially appreciated his wife, family, colleges that were present, other special guest and of course the students. 
Finally, He addressed the final year students ans something He said that stuck with me was
 "Know what the university has invested in you, eventually  it would be contested. 
But i'm proud because I know your success would be loud." 
So with out any other delay here are the pictures from the nights celebration, Enjoy!

PS:We would like to appreciate Tobi Ijehin of Tag Photography for his contribution with the pictures. Check out for their work. 

Sunday's Best: Collabo

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hi everyone, I guess its safe to assume a lot of us are done with exams and it went well. 
Special shout out to the final year guys (*gets up from seat and goes ballistic*) 
Last trad Sunday we were lucky enough to capture outfits after the service. It would have really been a shame to miss out on it. A couple of people in the same courses or service units decided to dress in coordinated/collaborative beautiful outfits, It was really a sight to savor.
 The hustle to get the pictures is a different story entirely, I would leave that for another time. 
We were also able capture a couple other dashing outfits, you know how we do we gatchu. 
Finally, We would like to give a shout out to English 400 (The course that everybody jumped, well almost everybody) they really planned what they wanted to do, they the real MVP's.
So enjoy the post, hopefully a lot more would come soon.