Sundays Best: Defence!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Hi everyone, how are preparations for exams coming? I hope everything is going alright.
Last Sunday a number of things happened, notably the Academic Integrity Campaign. The aim of the campaign is to discourage people from exam malpractice. We were able to capture pictures of the people who were in support of the campaign. As usual we were able to capture people in their awesome outfits after the service. Enjoy!

IG @solafagbemi

IG @ope_balogun

IG: StephanieOdili 

IG: ju__bere


IG @kberrylove Twitter @ k24h3 

IG: chikkychoc 

IG: bolarinwatemi 

IG: erin__mar

IG @pwettynancy Twitter @octoba26th

IG @t_mauriee

Happy birthday tobi IG @ tobi_niji 

IG @meemee_jay

IG : @avoimie 

IG : omobolanle_oo

IG: @mark_kvngs

IG @topebarry 

IG @sosa_lee

IG @dammie1904

IG @nwankwophilip

IG @wani_titanium

Happy birthday Stephanie 

Happy birthday ulooma :)

IG @ffanga Twitter @instakukiiii

IG @dharmie_xoxo Twitter @dharmie_

IG @bobbymayors

IG @davidudiminue 


IG @miwakle Twitter @sassyqueen2

IG @abbyola_ Twitter @abiolaa_o

IG @pretyskittles

IG @presh_d_va 


IG @_oyinkan_n

IG @chideraaa



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