Festival Of Love 6.0

Thursday, April 9, 2015
Hi everyone! Hope you've been having an awesome week? 
Last Saturday was the Project One Million Souls Festival of Love 6.0 which aims at giving back to the less privileged. We were able to get pictures of  the things that took place on that day. 
There were a lot of activities that involved music, dancing, refreshments and just good clean fun.
There was a major turn out for the event that included the Registrar and Deputy Chaplin of Covenant University and we all turned up for Jesus.  

We would really like to appreciate Temi's contributions with the pictures. 

Your opinion is valuable to us, we would love to know what you think about the pictures and the entire post.


  1. Number one fan finally checked out the pictures. I was around the whole time you cretins, you just didn't take my picchur. Is it because i'm not photogenic? I can learn, i can change

    1. Actually you were the one that ran away when we were taking pictures. So :P