CMIS Dinner

Thursday, April 2, 2015
Hi everyone! I hope your week has been going good so far?
Well  last week Friday, the coolest dinner ever in our school took place. When I heard about the whole concept I knew we just had to be there. I'm talking about the CMIS masked dinner.
So there is a compilation of pictures we were able to work on for you to see how the dinner went down especially for those who weren't there.

NB: If you were at the dinner and you want to get some other pictures from the event meet Stoic.

Cleopatra! That is what comes to mind when I see her and this outfit. I sincerely think I like her too much for my own good but how won't u fall head over boots for this gown....and please, those heels are from a different place altogether. But I do believe she would have done a little more with the bangles, just because of the purse.

It was important we put both views of this outfit so you would appreciate the level of creativity that our designers have reached. Is that a cape? Whatever it is, I like it. Those heels do more work in bringing out beauty than we probably give it credit for. But next time some accessorizing won't hurt dear. 

You love it too? Its yellow and its a gown, whats not to love. This is what I mean when I say accessorize, just look at how her necklace brings out the essence of glamour. I think she chose the shoe because of the colour of her mask, but wait o....what's that jacket doing there?

I took out time to admire this one before I started writing. It is a lovely dress, and the purse does magic to it. She knows what she is doing with her accessories because they look brilliant. And the shoes... 

This is really red carpet material. The dress is well made and well worn. Her accessories are minimal enough to make sense and she has a shy smile (heart warmer!). Its a shame we can't see her legs, but I hope the bag matches her shoes. Lovely

This dress is straight up admirable. That flower pattern got me and that off the shoulder thing is beautiful....ooops, I just used the b word! Okay, no shoes again, but cool necklace.

Your opinion is valuable to us, we would love to know what you think about the pictures and the entire post. So don't hesitate to comment, Thanks!


  1. where my picture dey na????
    i can see indulgence repping but where did i disappear to???

  2. I mist say I admire your work, I appreciate CU, the blog and all of this... Welcome

  3. I question the sexual orientation of whoever wrote this, especially the whole Cleopatra section. And my niqqa stop praising that girl too much on here, ask her out and praise her in person.

  4. See my baby sister looking fine ooo chai, she is now big