Sunday's Best.

Monday, March 9, 2015
Hi everyone, welcome to this week's edition of Sunday's best. This week we were held back a little by the CPC meeting that held after the service (Oshey 109 days to go ), so a few of the the fine babes I was personally tracking had already gone but it's all good we were still able to get a number of awesome pictures for you guys to see, hope you enjoy them.

Also, we are trying something new hopefully by the time you reach the end of the post you would notice what it is.


At this point we would be selecting the best dressed people we took pictures of based on our joint opinions. So in no particular order here they are:

The whole outfit just made too much sense. From the blouse to the shoes and the accessories.
Then the colour combination was also very nice. Hopefully we would get to work with her soon.

 I really like the way she paired the jacket and gown. Also her accessories were on point.

What really killed it for me on the outfit was the blouse. 
I really like the leather sleeves and they went so well with the boots. 

The girls in white looked great! There wasn't too much going on in the sense that they didn't try to put too many things together, I guess that's why I liked their outfits so much.

  This outfit looked really classy. The white pants made too much sense on the blue jacket.
 The yellow from the bag and then the blouse spiced up the outfit.

 I really like the whole lace trend she had going on . 
Also, she already had me by wearing all black, making it look simple and yet trendy. 

 This outfit was bright, cool and very dapper.

 The boots from this outfit really had me.
 Also, the way he combined his colours and then his accessories were very nice.

This outfit made him look very British. Good one old sport!

 The jacket was what actually what took me away. The outfit was so simple yet so captivating.
(She's my present crush)

The girl in the jacket looked very simple but her jacket and belt on the other hand really had me they went together. Then the girl in the floral dress wow i'm just going to say the dress fit her really well.

We would love to know what you think about the pictures, the outfits and the entire post.
So please don't hesitate to comment, Thanks!


  1. chukky b killed it..really nice

  2. chuks was really looking like a perfect gentleman.Loving the look

  3. Tega and Kyla look really great.Like the pose

  4. Lol, look at shittu's face ��

  5. Lydia and her fierce pose. LOL.