Sunday's Best: Cooling

Thursday, March 19, 2015
Hey you, yes you welcome to this weeks edition of  Sunday's best.
This past Sunday was really cool a number of activities took place and we were able to capture different outfits after the service. Also,we would briefly discuss what we think about each outfit so stay tuned.
Then for the stalkers, yes we put peoples Instagram handles :D, so enjoy!

                             Denim and Leather Skirt; I have thought about how to style these two before, they always seem worlds apart, but Pamela did an almost excellent job (almost). The red shoes easily gave the outfit a colour variety (not for lack of colours in the first place), and she has the body that makes anything she wear look gorgeous, trust me I know. Easily one of my favorite outfit, Pamela IG. @pamelayusuf

                          This is one of the best styling of white suits I have seen (and I thought girls could not wear suits). The white colour gave the outfit an edge, but I have a feeling that if it was any other colour this outfit would still look gorgeous. Lovely Sunday white from Mary. 
IG.@maery___ twitter.@mexykul

                                      Don't underestimate this pink dress please. It took me a moment but style and class of this nature is won't to do that from time to time. I may not agree with the colour of the bag, but the bright colours needed some lulling. Nicely done and a lovely pink dress from Nneoma. IG.@nneomamere

When I see something like this I'm reminded why we started Sunday Best in the first place; the creativity and artistic prowess of dresses and how many of these go unnoticed. This outfit is beautifully put together (designer unknown) and the heels do make a statement. 
I guess it's just something Out of the blues by Valerie.
 IG and twitter@valerieegbuniwe

There is something lovely about this outfit that I can't quite place my hand on, could it be the chain on her neck, or the ankara-looking purse, or the daring heels (oshey red bottoms), or the gown itself. 
I guess its the way the whole outfit came together, a lovely gown from the fashion designer Sonia. 
By the way she made this dress herself. It was hand-sewn from start to finish, Incredible!

This is really inspiring; the loveliest design I have seen this year (celebrities included). Are those writings on the material or drawings? Whatever it is, its lovely (i would really like to know the designer). Just when I thought it couldn't get any  better, she paired the whole deal with these lovely sandals and accessories that are hard to ignore. Extraordinary outfit from Anita 
IG and twitter.@anitaa_ig

  Just in case you are wondering, Tope could make tying wrapper on the red carpet look stunning, I leave it to your imagination. The outfit is simple but string with a message (I hear her loud and clear!). The original good vibes from Tope 
IG.@chikkychoc twitter @i_am_chikkychoc 
I don't just like this one becasue I have been crushing over high top boots for a while now, but I saw this suit myself and I wanted one on the spot. He sure paired it well with brown. In summary, cool sunday whites and dope boots from Sam. 
IG @sammiebizee

Did you expect anything less from him? The alligator skin lapel on the white jacket was what really had me on this outfit, he also paired it well with the shoes. You should have seen him wear the glasses; his accessorizing was on point. Ebuka always killing it. 

Blue is looks lovely especially when done well and  I must say he did it well. The tie and pocket square from the indulgence 
 is a mad plus to this particularly outfit not forgetting the tassel loafer on his leg. I also noticed the little details like the watch and socks, yes even socks.
This is a three-piece outfit that looks even more lovely with those double-monk-strap shoes (brown again!) I feel he put the blazer there just because he can and it looks good Sir Jeff. 
 IG @swags jason

Brown wins again! The waist coat just makes it better with a blue complement outfit. I've got to say nice waistcoat and outfit overall by Tobi. 

 Just in-case you have never seen it before, this is what an original Polo shirt looks like and leave it to Deolu to make you feel bad for not having one. Notice how I don't say anything about the brown this time (Oops..). Nice outfit all in all and cool man bag hiding behind him. Mentor Deolu IG and twitter.@dio_xenos

I know what you're thinking "those heels!". Yeah, the shoes are really cool! (no overstatements). I'm not so sure about the pants but definitely I love the stripes on the shirt. She definitely made this work effortlessly. Lovely outfit from Nsikak

Now this is a pattern that can make you blush. Wow....nailed it. Have you seen how the pink is screaming for attention even though the other colour it's competing with is black. There's a lot of creativity into how this was styled especially those shoes, again wow. 
Then the smile on her face i'm sure it means she knows what she's done.

Well the floral design on this dress got me. I feel she put a lot of thought into this outfit even though its a gown, but the belt, purse and shoes will confirm my statement. The simplicity seemed also intentional and I say....well done! Lovely dress from Blessing  
I.G ese.oghene

        Another white outfit people and this time with a patterned design, minimal accessorizing, lovely shoes and great hair. What more can you ask for in a girl. Fantastic job Busayo

Black is an all time favourite colour, and this girl knows how to work it please. She made this outfit stunning without much fuss with a black purse and the variety she threw in those lovely chains and make-up. The real MVP people! Lovely dress from Temitope. 
IG. Temitope1091

 The Pink suit in one word, mind blowing! Those phrases are synonyms but 'astonishing' feels inadequate in describing this one people (give me a word please). She is really knows her stuff, because she brought in white in there to soften things up (the shirt and heels). Lovely. 
Also we would love to wish  Chidera a happy belated birthday.
 IG @chideraaa

Pink again! Then again it's looking hard to flop with the pink and black combo. Its the crowd favourite (am talking to ladies o, please). This ankle straps are really in style and I think this is one of my favourite colour variant. Lovely outfit by Christina.

This dress is too fine abeg. It has a belt, big buttons and pockets, what more do you want. Very comfortable outdoor clothing; good for cold yet drop some buttons and you are good with Otta Sun (though is that really possible, Otta Sun?). The best thing about this whole ensemble is not the blue lipstick, or matching black purse but the Louboutin shoes with the spikes on it.

Orange is the new black! I have been waiting to say that for some time now. I love the heels, love the purse, love the shirt, love the colour, love the watch and loooove the smile. She wore them all well. In the spirit of emojis, *thumbs up* to you

Mfon made black and white look adorable today. It wasn't so much the cliche combination that most people have on but the skirt gave it a Cinderella feel. You probably didn't see this but the belt buckle colour matches her shoe tip (Style is in the details!) The hair, watch also look really cool. I hope to meet her in person someday because she has that shape that can make any outfit look, adorable. Again beautiful outfit from Mfon.
 IG @formelynabasiee

   My eyes run from the pink to the black to the cream, its a lovely composition of colours and I trust her judgement on low accessorizing too. Fantastic outfit from Onyinye 

White, yellow and gold; winning colours for the lottery this week. Please give it up to her, she nailed it. Her bangles and necklace are authentic. And again, this bag though! I guess that's Chanel. 

 The play with colours here is amazing. The bag sustained my attention on her, but then again the skirt is just as pretty, and good work pairing it with that blouse. Accessories are so on point. These are the kinds of outfits that actually takes more work to put together than it really seems. I appreciate her outfit. 

In your honest opinion, which did she wear better, the outfit or the smile? Its too close to call. But this jumpsuit is just the real deal. Those white heels too! I'm happy you also saw it. I'm just seeing Blessing for the first time, but I think she knows her stuff. The dress is awesome, the bag is cool, the hair is lovely and that smile. 
IG @adriella_a

Okay, Imobong brings it everytime. Who knew this outfit existed before now? Wow, the flowery skirt and colour of the whole outfit is beautiful and those ankle strap where a necessary diversion in my opinion (sharp twist of colour, I like). Accessories,cool but I don't know if some more would have made me feel better.

I am going to play a trick with you now, you will think you are seeing double very soon, but its actually two different people (not people twin, outfit twins). Her shirt is lovely, her bag is cool and those pants are fantastic. I did not forget the necklace. 

So did my trick work? I figured she heard me mention black and white somehow and she pulled this off. Smashing outfit Amara. Those red heels make you the model that you are. Your accessories are on point girl, waist included. Please give it up for the beautiful Amara.
 IG. g_amarh

Keep your eyes on the outfit for a moment (that should not be hard considering who is in front of you). A black gown and blue heels, classic. Lipstick, hair, good calls too. She made this work with the smallest accessories (that bead on her right hand like, I told you before details) but then again I don't think that is ever a problem for her.
IG @wani_titanium 

That gown is so unique and beautiful, You would almost think she is hiding its beauty by wearing the white on top but that complements the outfit really well. Nice heels but those earrings do bring out your face Retta.
 IG @prettyskittles

"First things first, She the realest..." I love this outfit too much abeg. Who designed this gorgeous thing? She almost single-handedly  made my day. The necklace is art on its own, then you now look down to the purse and heels, a complete garb with variety of good-loving. The short hair has never been so on point (a la Lupita Nyong'o). Let me hold myself at this point. Fantastic outfit from Sola.

I can bet she didn't even know she looks this gorgeous. That outfit is beautiful to say the least, and the fact that she brought in red to the party means says so much. I love the colours and the accessories. Another one of my favourites of the day by Bolanle.

Red is a lovely one, anyday, so am not too surprised. She looks gorgeous in this outfit. And the shoes look lovely. Lovely dress from Abiola 
IG @abbyola_ twitter @abiolaa_o

This is a suit I like. Complete, yet it hasn't lost the excitement as complete suits sometimes do. Coloured ties are just a blessing.

Can we all say this together... 1,2,3, Goooo! "Mad sleeves". I think this is the first time I've seen this. Even sole of his shoes even matched the sleeve colours. The entire outfit was just amazing.  IG. @Troyhodinni

White on black is lovely anytime. But let me take your attention to that necklace, don't you just love them. I feel like they gave the outfit the needed shine to turn from good to  adorable. Who can guess the name of the necklace? Another beautiful black and white outfit from Sola IG@b_shola twitter.@adikted_b


           Whatever you think you knew about sweaters and golden belts before, I hope these two have shown you that there is a whole lot more to learn. My babies 
IG. @Tonyola_xo  and @kewe.o 
Twitter @tonyola_xo @_kewe_says

 Red always finds itself. Mike and Debbie 
IG.@mykaell_kriss and @pinkidebbie

IG@chikkychoc @harbbie_brown @ufuoma_os

                 IG: busayo @temitope1091 @zanecvdk and nabien

Chidera and her lovely friends. 
IG @awele_ @anitaa_ig and @vivian_u

                             Chemical Engineering , 500 Level.

Your opinions are valuable to us, we would love to know your favourite outfits what you think about the pictures, the writing and the entire post. So do not hesitate to comment, Thanks!

NB: Just to put the word out there there is going to be something starting in school soon. Its about students lifestyle and stuff. It is generally to promote the public image of the students of Covenant university. So keep your eyes pealed for more details.



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