A Pair Of Sweats

Sunday, March 22, 2015
Hi everyone, hope you've been enjoying the weekend.Last week we had a shoot with models in sweatpants. A number of people consider sweatpants as just casual wear, but if you're able to accessorizes properly you can transform your whole outfit to achieve a very stylish and trendy look. Usually, you start by picking a shoe that makes your statement for you; toms, boots, sneakers, slip-ons, slides, brogues and my favorite, heels. Then you move up to pick a shirt or blouse although most people prefer sweat shirts (but you're not most people). And plain accessories or heavy accessorizing is a matter of your preference and as the occasion suits. Its all about making a statement.

Meet Chido.
What I like about her is that inner fierceness that is ready to explore her bounds of creativity, though she has no bounds, and the willingness to take her fashion to that level of taste and sophistication that is not only unique but surreal. 
 She has on a pair of purple sweats and a pair of toms. Also, she's wearing a purple dress up shirt with a gray crop top and a hat. If you noticed she really matched her colours well which always gives class to an outfit. This outfit is really cool and could be worn outdoors though its really casual.

Meet Valerie, 
She has on a pair of grey sweats and neon green heels. She is also wearing a green camouflage shirt which goes beautifully with the face cap. Her outfit is a unification of the flourishing feminism that is associated with heels and street urban in a camouflage. In terms of colours, she is bae. In the photos she was able to really pull off a boyish innocence of style and still maintain her femininity.  Also, this outfit looked so good and really went well with the outdoor background.
IG: @valerieegbuniwe


Meet Kwiksie, 
She's wearing a pair of blue sweats and multi-coloured docksides. Shes also has a grey tee shirt and a beanie. She is one of the most spirited fashion icons I know and she has the ability to inspire greatness. Her fierceness is without doubt but she is one of the nicest persons you will ever meet. This outfit gives off this free spirit hippie type vibe. Her accessories are intentionally paired to strongly emphasize her message, and her message; style. And did I say, love the beanie.
IG: @kwiksie1

Her outfit looks really sporty and casual at the same time. Its the traditional use of the sweats. She has on a pair of navy blue sweatpants, a pair of flip flops, a blue tee shirt and she tops it off with a black face cap.  I guess you could say her outfit is really simple there are just a few accessories and she was able to pull off the whole natural look so well.

Uhm, well, meet Valerie again,
This time she went with this Gothic look; bowler hat, patterned high-waist pants, shady gray, long sleeve black tee shirt, a black necklace and a splice of florescent pink pumps. Fashionista! The dark make up completes her outfit. She exudes the inner child in front of a lens with a flash of colour (pink) and occasional smiles that highlights the Gothic. She knows no fear! I personally like this outfit so much. This particular outfit could be worn to a number of places.
IG: @valerieegbuniwe

Meet Anne,
First time I met her, she exploded on the lens! She is a model like you hardly find.
Her outfit is more conservative and what I like most about it is how dark the outfit is and how her hair blends well with the outfit. She's wearing a pair of black sweats, a pair of white heels with gold highlights, a black crop top, a black blazer and a black bowler hat. The attitude behind the outfit is what makes a whole lot of difference, you can see her dare the greatness in you, and her, to find expression, yet the love that is her personality is ever-flourishing. This outfit could be worn to different events and it gives off this casual retro vibe.
IG: @blackksharkk

Meet Chidinma.
She looks really fierce in all her photos. We were looking for someone to bring the style to life and give it full realisation, and Chidinma did a great job. She is expressive and her candour is what really lunches her style because you can't see her and not want to put a sweat pant on. She had on a pair of sweats, a pair of black and gold heels, a gray vest, a dress up shirt and a nice big black hat. Hope you were not surprised when she pulled her shirt....., now you see the art. This outfit really embodies the whole urban fashion and street fashion trend.
IG: @dinma.enebeli

Then we decided to put up a few behind the scenes photos.
Meet: the Photographer[center] Anie (IG: anini360) 

We appreciate our crazy-ass photographer, @anini360,  creative Creative Director Michael (IG: @mykaell_kriss) and our beautiful models.....best in the world!
Your opinions are valuable to us, we would love to know your favourite outfits, what you think about the pictures, the writing and the entire post. So do not hesitate to comment, Thanks!


  1. very good collection and all the models killed it

  2. I think Valerie's the most adorable thing since teddy bears!!! ^_^
    My favorite shots were those of her surrounded by trees (especially when she was smiling) and the slanted photo of Chido with the street sign and tree in the background...
    Joy won it on the 'We-just-chillin'' relaxed look beat (as far as I'm concerned), and Anne and Chidinma's gangster expressions demand respect from some of us learners. <3

    The write-ups were generously complimentary and well put-together. Methinks they put a lot more life into the photos and post as a whole.
    Nice one you guys! :D

  3. Love Chindima's 'swag', but Kwiksie's the best for me! Kudos y'all!!

  4. Team Kwiksie 😀 😁 😀 😊 ☺

  5. Great initiative
    Amazing photos

  6. #Team kwiksie cool pics,@ O&A der are still no team lite skinned pics

  7. Yes, I am with what you think. And with that many people have mentioned.


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