Sunday's Best: Another Trad Sunday

Thursday, February 5, 2015
Hi everyone, welcome to another edition of Sundays best. It was another thanksgiving service last sunday and as usual people came out in their very beautiful and colourful traditional attires. So here is a compilation of the pictures we were able to put together after the service, Enjoy!

PS: We would like to know how you feel about the pictures  so don't be shy please comment. Thanks!
Big Ups to Tag Photography and Anini360 for the pictures. Check @anini360 on Instagram and for their work. 



  1. Made it to again after a long time out, I've made it in life. Nice pics. Chima's corporate and casual confusion tho. And Deolu, just stupid but nice dressing.

  2. Lol, the girl on white and black dots trad, her pic would be like 10gb ����

  3. CU folks can trad up for Nigeria tho...
    Nice one.