Cold Outside

Thursday, January 29, 2015
A few weeks ago the weather was really cold and if you looked around you would realise that a lot of people had either a sweater or a jacket on to protect them from the cold. 
So we decided to do a photoshoot with people in different stylish sweaters and jackets.
It was a really interesting shoot and we hope you enjoy viewing the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them. 

PS: We would like to know how you feel about the pictures so feel free to comment. Thanks!




PPS: We would like to give a "shala" (Shoutout) To Ani who was our photographer for the day. 
you can check his instagram handle: @anini360 for more amazing pictures by him.


  1. wow , wonderful collection. I like the gal on the black sweater sha....

  2. What is this, why are there so many males? Where are the ladies? Just 2, come on. If i wanted to see guys i would just come out of my room in my hall. Manshaft is not pleased

  3. Lol Mannschaft.
    No worries there would be more females in subsequent posts.

  4. OMG!!! I love the last guy and the squatting dude with the light brown shoes. Cute.

  5. Lovely pictures, y'all posed well. Good jabb!

  6. Nyc collection...waiting for next post