Sunday's Best: Last Sunday

Tuesday, December 2, 2014
This past Sunday was the last service of the semester, we thank God for how far he has
brought us all. It was a very eventful Sunday with activities like The Happy Feet
campaign, LED Program, several photoshoots and a lot of
photographers had their hands on deck taking pictures of different people after the
service. Knowing me the low key guy that I am I was mostly observing and I’ve got to
say a lot of people brought their A game asin trad game tight. From the things I saw
I'm probably going to create starter packs and stuff but that’s just by the side.
Also, the Happy feet campaign was to get people help donate money to get a 1000 flip
flops to children who cant afford them in different cities. There was also a raffle draw hosted by the student council that took place at the cafeteria, a lot of people
came with the tickets they received after the service and different prizes were
given to those who had the winning tickets. This was the best after service shoot I
was part of this semester with a number of people were open to taking pictures and
they looked great in them. We would like to acknowledge and appreciate Victor (@itsmonwill) & Dumeje (@oddiephotog_) for their immense contributions to this post.

P.S Those are their Instagram Handles. Also, Follow us on Instagram @ordinaryandart , we follow back :D .


  1. Loving the upgrades on the blog. Y'all look too good; almost impossible to have a fav. Congratulations y'all!!!