Johnny's Room

Friday, October 19, 2018
Hi guys! Hope you are all doing great? It is really nice to be back blogging ( This is Zimmani btw) and I have promised myself that I would be consistent *covers face*. 
Last weekend was all about Johnny Drille's concert tagged Johnny's Room and I got to attend the concert and boy was I blown away! Let me say here that live music is the best way to appreciate music, it was so lit. It was easily one of the best concerts I have attended, thank you Johnny Drille for blessing us to good music. I got to take my camera along with me and I was able to get a couple of (mad) pictures that summarises his performances during the show.

Shooting: Spot On

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Most people have heard the phrase, “little things matter” and little things do matter. 
The “little things” add to the details and the details are important. 
The “little things” in ensembles are usually the accessories. A lot of people tend to ignore them, however, the way a person accessorizes can either elevate an ensemble or undermine it. 
The key to accessorizing is remembering little things matter, which is what makes this particular ensemble unique. The ensemble is made by the accessories and not the off shoulder polka dot jumpsuit. The addition of the traditional design inspired bag portrays a unique manner of pairing traditional styles with modern styles. The cat eye framed glasses and double hoop earrings add a youthful twist and enhance the casual dimension of this ensemble. The overall vibe of the outfit ends up being casual but chic and still an eye-catcher. Individually, we have to learn to take our time to appreciate or pay attention to the little things in our lives because sometimes they are everything.

Shooting: The Grey Area

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The beauty of public transport is the fact that everyone is a stranger. As a result, what usually ends up happening is everyone addresses you according to how you dress or in some cases smell. But the truth is life isn’t black or white but it is mainly described by that grey area where although we have an idea of who the strangers are in public transport, we truly don’t know them. 
This outfit is very symbolic of that grey area because It can pass for multiple occasions depending on how you decided to wear & accessorize said outfit.
For instance, the bag introduces versatility to the outfit, in the sense that it's casual and playful. Then imagine it without the glasses and the dress reaching knee length and just like that there a whole other angle to the outfits appearance.
The grey area introduces mystery into our daily lives, just as the lady stirs our curiosity. Makes us ask questions like who she is, where is she going or coming from? We need that little mystery in our lives and with little changes, it's ours to create.

The Fashion Souk

Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Hi guys, how has it going? I got to attend The Fashion souk and i enjoyed every bit of it. What I loved about the event was everything that was showcased was 100% Nigerian, i felt really proud of my country. Kudos to the organisers of the event they did a very good job and also the designers that showcased on the runway and the ones that had stalls. Here are the pictures I was able to take from the event.

Gidi Fest 2018

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Seun: Hi Guys, How's It going?

Emmanuel: After all these years you finally decided to put the pictures up.

S: Better late than never yo.

E: SMH, we thank God for your life sha.

S: Hallelujah.

E: To what we have for today then.

S: Yup!

E: Gidifest is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) Urban Music & Cultural festival in Nigeria.
We had the opportunity of attending and decided to take some photographs.

S: Yup yup some of our friends were performing (see some of our friends here)so we definitely had to come through
 to show as much support as we could.

E: Funny thing was I didn't even plan to go for it, 
I just happened to meet someone who had tickets they weren't using that day.

S: Alive!

E: So well just be running through some of the events of the day.

S: Prendre plaisir.

Jamal & Truce

Our favorite guy Uche from Small Chops Ng

Tyler, Dj Extreme and Zim Zim

Hard guy, hard guy The Blackesper

"I am a god."

S: I was just looking at the backup singer all through. She's so beautiful.
In case anyone has her contact information, link a brother up.

E: Just look at this one

D-Truce ma nigga

Remy Baggins played Keys for his performance btw.

Terry Apalaaaaaaaaaaa

Prettyboy Do

E: Giving us chop elbow

S: Gbo!

S: Love, Love, Love this shot.

E: Thanks.

S: the loml Lady Donli again If anyone can hook a brother up

E: This guy stop Ashewoing like this now, we're in public

S: Guy allow me, you don't know if my helper is on the TL.
"Plis dears" help me

E:Epic Shot Fam

S: Thanks my g
It's Mayorkun Baby oh!

YCEEEEEEEeee gbish gbish brrrrr gbish

E: The actual love of Seun's life Bella

That's Dapo Tuburna

S: You're now rocking with the SDC

E: Show Dem Camp omo yes indeed!

Funbi: It's Up To You Cause I'm So ready. *Singing*

S: Erm so uhm this is where our batteries died

E: Plus it was like 3:30 AM

S: So we came and went and were going like 
E go be.

E: But I thought you said I was going to say it this time

S: Is it because I didn't mention how you didn't take me any pictures 
you're doing anyhow now?

E: *Runs away.*

S: Men are scum.
Till next time guys

E: Ego be.